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Alcatel OmniAccess 512, 12 porturi 10/100

Alcatel OmniAccess 512, 12 porturi 10/100

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Cod produs: RET735

99 RON
 (TVA inclus)


Dimensiuni: 444 mm (L) x 310mm (W) x 44 mm (H)
Greutate: 4.6 Kg
Consum: 50W typical, 170 BTU / hr

Informatii produs

Dimensiuni 444 mm (L) x 310mm (W) x 44 mm (H)
Greutate 4.6 Kg
Consum 50W typical, 170 BTU / hr
Temperatura optima 32-122F / 0-50C
Umiditate optima 10%-95% (non-condensing)
Certification FCC Class A, CE (EMI, EMS, LVD), UL, CSA, VCCI
IP/IPX routing RIP, RIPv2, OSPF, VRRP IP multicast routing and
DHCP relay
VLAN User-authenticated, trunking, policy-based (802.1Q
port, MAC address, protocol, subnet address,multicast address, user-defined)
WAN ports (up to 2 modules) Supports routing and bridging over frame relay, PPP or multilink PPP, T1/E-1, fractional T1/E-1, universal serial ports RS232, RS449, RS530, V35, V11/X21,ISDN BRI
Frame relay Multi-protocol over FR (RFC 1490), FRF.3, inverse
ARP (RFC 1293), UNI (FRF.1) LMI Rev 1.0, ANSI
T1.617 Annex D CCITT / ITU-T Q.933 Annex A
256 DLCI
Standards supported Q.921, Q.931
ISDN interface S/T and U
BRI support 2B+D channels, PPP
Switch types National ISDN-1, AT&T 5ESS
Northern Telecom DMS100, ETSI Euro-ISDN NET3,
dial-on-demand and dial-up backup
PPP PPP (RFC 1661), multilink PPP (RFC 1990), PPP
HDLC, framing (RFC 1662)
Compression LZS hardware assisted data compression (RFC
1974, FRF.9)

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